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what does it mean that paypal acquires mobile payment start-up company-Modest

Started by sylvially 2015-08-20 at 23:36
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A breaking tech news- paypal has acquired mobile commerce platform Modest on Wednesday, run by Obama’s former campaign CTO . This is the first acquisition after splitting from eBay. Well, what does it mean? Yeah, PayPal is now honing in on a rising star in the digital commerce ecosystem. Modest is a two-year-old company which makes a mobile commerce platform focused on "contextual commerce" -- which is essentially the fancy umbrella term for tools that allow shoppers to make in-the-moment purchases on the internet.Modest's platform allows retailers to insert buy buttons into a bevy of online consumer touch points, like blogs, ads, emails and social media. PayPal plans to merge Modest with Braintree, its payments subsidiary that is also developing buy button technology and has affiliations with businesses like Uber and Pinterest. It seems that paytpal has also made forays in online payments and ecommerce since payment security is the core issue of electronic commerce. Basing on the hot "contextual commerce", we believe that paypal are closely being followed by other online payment systems like payoneer, payza, perfect money and epay global payment, especially epay global payment. Epay global payment is now honing in on a rising star in the digital payment system due to its non-fee plan.it's free to pay and get paid via www.epay.com.Now it's also seeking to cooperate with platform focused on "contextual commerce" . We can be certain that it will be a better future for mobile payment and ecommerce.